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Feel like getting a delicious meal without the hassle of having to go out?

Welcome to Uber Eats… an easy to use food delivery system that will transport food and drinks from your favorite restaurant right to your front door!

Where can you order from?

The Gyro Spot

USA Chicken and Biscuit

Restoration Cafe

Stark Brewing Co.

Lorena’s Cantina

Summer Pizza

Green Bike Smoothie

Most food will be delivered in 15-40 minutes after the order has been submitted!

Support your local restaurants by ordering your dinner through Uber Eats tonight!

Download the application or go online to:


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Sweet Cravings Downtown

Looking for something sweet and savory to get you through the afternoon, or to finish off a night out? Downtown Manchester has just the right amount of options for you, with a wide variety of pastries, cupcakes, chocolates and more!

Queen City Cupcake, located at 790 Elm Street, has a variety of amazing cupcakes to chose from on a daily basis! A personal favorite, the chocolate peanut butter cup cupcake has just the right amount of sweetness for those sugar cravings!queen-city-cupcakes

For those looking to indulge in something rich and decadent, The Dancing Lion Chocolate  has carefully crafted chocolate truffles with a tasty filling! Try their Mayan Drinking Chocolate, very different from your traditional cup of hot chocolate, made purely of 100% chocolate only! Located at 917 Elm Street.

dancing lion

If your sweet tooth get’s you at an earlier time, there is no doubt that Baked Downtown Cafe and Bakery has the pastries for you!  Grab a cup of their award winning joe and something sweet to go! A personal favorite is their whoopie pies, filled with a tasty frosting filling! Baked is located at 1015 Elm Street.


Lastly, for the year round ice cream lovers, Ben and Jerry’s has just what you need, from chocolate waffle cones to banana sundaes!  Located conveniently at 940 Elm Street this local hot spot is a great place to go for your sweet cravings!


Tune in next week to learn about all of the new and delicious Fall flavors that will be coming downtown!


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New Hampshire’s Downtown -2018

#FoodieFriday July 27, 2018

boards and brews

Boards and Brews Downtown Manchester

914 Elm Street | 603-785-9721 | team@boardsandbrewsnh.com

Boards and Brews, Manchester’s new hot spot and New Hampshire’s first board game cafe has everything you’re looking for in this week’s #FoodieFriday!

This unique cafe has every kind of board and card game you could image from the classics like Battleship and Jenga to the newer games like “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader”. Not only does Boards and Brews have hundreds of games to choose from, they also have wonderful cocktails and food to enjoy while you’re there!



Try their appetizer called “Battlechips”, crispy tortilla chips served with guacamole and salsa! Can’t chose just one snack to munch on while you play board games? Try their Connect Four appetizer, which allows you to chose from four of the following snacks: Cheeze-Its, Veggie Straws, Skittles, Swedish Fish, Gummy Bears, Peanut butter-filled pretzels, Goldfish, Animal Crackers, Starburts, Mixed Nuts, Sour Gummy Worms, Spicy Snack Mix! Perfect for a long game of Monopoly or an intense game of cards!



This trendy cafe also serves up fantastic sandwiches like their Classic Turkey made with sliced turkey, American cheese, red onion, mixed greens, mayo and sliced tomatoes! They also have their mouth watering Caliente Chicken sandwich made with sliced chicken, salsa, lettuce, spicy mayo, guacamole and cheddar cheese!


Boards and Brews  has some dinner time favorites like their Turkey Dinner made with turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes and a vegetable medley! It will make you feel like your sitting at the Thanksgiving Dinner table! Try their Short Rib Mac and Cheese sure to please your late night cravings!



Board Game inspired cocktails can be found in this cafe located on Elm, like their Apples to Apples cocktail made with chamomile-infused rye, pineapple, lime, cinnamon syrup and muddled fuji apple! They also have classic drinks like an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan!

Stop by Boards and Brews this weekend and have a blast with your friends and family!



11AM – 11PM


11AM – 1AM

Thank you for tuning into this week’s #FoodieFriday all about Boards and Brews! Tune in next week for more information about the best restaurants, cafes and bars in downtown Manchester!

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#FoodieFriday July 20th, 2018

 Fruity Smoothies Downtown!

Smoothies are the perfect “guilt free” summertime treat that is perfect in the heat! Thankfully, Downtown Manchester has so many fantastic cafes that serve up the freshest smoothies around! Here are a few places to check out the next time you’re craving something fruity!

A&E Coffee and Tea

1000 Elm Street | (603) 578-3338

Serving up all your coffee, tea and SMOOTHIE needs this fantastic coffee shop has just what you’re looking for in a smoothie!


Cafe la Rein

915 Elm Street | (603) 232-0332

Stop by Cafe la Rein and try their delicious smoothies! Add peanut butter for an extra protein kick! Also featured in this image from Cafe la Rein, their delicious Açaí Bowls!

cafe la rein

Edible Arrangements

1,000 Elm Street | (603) 625-1010

Not only do they serve fruity bouquets, they also make individualized smoothies to go! Get something fruity, or try something with a chocolatey twist!

edible arrangements

Green Bike Smoothie Bar

775 Canal Street | (603) 748-0655

Known for their organic smoothies, this place has everything you need to recharge and go! Green Bike also serves up a mean Açaí Bowl worth checking out!

green bike

The Bridge Street Cafe

1117 Elm Street | (603) 647-9991

The Bridge Street Cafe has a plethora of fresh squeezed juices and smoothies to pick from! Add a protein powder shot or a scoop of peanut butter to your smoothie for a post work out treat!

the bridge street cafe

Restoration Cafe

235 Hanover Street | (603) 518-7260

Restoration Cafe serves up fresh juices and smoothies in their unique beaker glasses! Stop by for lunch, you won’t be disappointed!

restoration cafe

Baked on Elm

1015 Elm Street | (603) 606-1969

Stop by Baked on Elm for a yummy baked good and a smoothie! A perfect way to beat the summer heat!

baked on elm

Midtown Cafe

814 Elm Street | (603) 935-5401

Conveniently located in the Beacon Building this cafe serves up fresh smoothies right in downtown! Grab lunch with a friend and take a smoothie to go at Midtown Cafe!


Bayona Cafe 

670 North Commercial Street | (603) 782-3450

Grab a refreshing and sweet treat at Bayona Cafe! Made with a fresh fruit assortment of your choice these smoothies won’t let you down! Check out Bayona Cafe located on North Commercial Street!


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Midtown Cafe’s Oysters on Elm Dining Series

A true summertime gem downtown is Midtown Cafe’s Oysters on Elm dining series, each Friday from 3:30-7:30p! This outdoor dining experience is one of a kind, as these local New England Oysters can be served individually, by the half or full dozen! Located at Midtown Cafe’s outdoor patio, at 814 Elm Street, this dining series is a great way to spend a warm summer night outdoors!


Additional items may also be served upon availability such as charcuterie platters and jumbo cocktail shrimp! This is a Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) style of outdoor dining! Swing by Midtown Cafe, every Friday afternoon for fresh local New England Oysters on their patio!


Midtown Cafe is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3:00pm with delicious salads, sandwiches and wraps and all of your cafe favorites conveniently located in the Beacon Building on Elm! To see their full menu, click here!


Thank you for tuning into this week’s #FoodieFriday! There is always great foods to try in downtown Manchester and we are here to share that with you!

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Farmers’ Market Recipes!

Every Thursday in Stanton Plaza, Intown hosts local vendors at our Manchester Community Farmers’ Market! This week, we decided to make our #FoodieFriday all about Farmers’ Market fueled dishes that are just right for summer fresh produce! Below is a list of a few of our favorite recipes! Check it out!


Farmers’ Market Salad

This salad is made with heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, red bell peppers, corn, peaches, onions and more! This is a tasty salad packed with produce you can find at the Farmers’ Market!

Click here for the full recipe! 


Baked Zucchini Zips

Crispy and fresh, these zucchini chips can be served as an appetizer or a side and are easy to make! Next time you’re at the Farmers’ Market, be sure to grab some extra zucchini for this fantastic dish!

Click here for the full recipe! 


Corn-and-Crab Chowder

Our Farmers’ Market has fresh, live and kicking crabs that are always caught the same day they are sold! Grab some of these guys and whip up this mouth-watering chowda’ for the family!

Click here to see the full recipe! 


Green Beans with Bacon Vinaigrette 

Bacon and green beans really make a great pair in this summery side-dish! Our Farmers’ Market has the freshest green beans, harvested the same day they are sold! Your family and friends are sure to love this twist on traditional steamed beans!

Click here for the full recipe!  


Crispy Cucumber Salsa

A refreshing spin on traditional salsa, this cucumber salsa is fantastic with tortilla chips or served in tacos! Our Farmers’ Market has fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and herbs you can use to create this dish!

Click here for the full recipe!


Summer Asparagus Salad

Summer is all about fresh ingredients and locally grown produce, and this delicious dish has it all! Grab some asparagus, red onions and herbs at your next Farmers’ Market trip to make this fantastic salad! Add some local feta to top it all off …You will not be disappointed!

Click here for the full recipe! 

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We hope to see you at the Manchester Community Farmers’ Market, Thursdays in Stanton Plaza from 3-6:30pm!

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There is FREE, two hour parking in the Center of New Hampshire Parking Garage for all market shoppers!

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#FoodieFriday – 4th of July Festive Foods!


Looking for recipes that are not only festive but easy to make for the 4th of July? We have just what you are looking for in this week’s #FoodieFriday!

red white and blue ice pops

Red, White and Blue Ice Pops

Cool off with these delicious ice pops that are simple to make and perfectly festive!

Check out the recipe here!

red white and blue drinks - for kids too!

Patriotic Layered Drinks

Refreshing and delicious, kids and adults love this fruity layered drink on the 4th of July!

Click here for the full recipe!

red white and blue strawberry

Red, White and Blue Dipped Strawberries 

Strawberries, white chocolate and blue sprinkles is all you will need for this summer treat!

Check out this recipe here!

patriotic pops

Patriotic Cake Pops

Great for around the campfire, at a barbecue or even at the fireworks show! These Patriotic Cake Pops are sure to please any crowd!

Check out how to make these cake pops here!


4th of July Fruity Watermelon Bowl

Summer is the perfect time for fresh fruit, and why not enjoy it in a festive watermelon bowl?

Check out how to make this Fruity Watermelon Bowl here!

Happy 4th of July from Intown Manchester! 

Check out the Manchester Fireworks show on Tuesday, July 3rd in Arms Park! 

Patriotic Logo

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