About Intown

What is Intown Manchester?

Intown Manchester is a non profit 501(C)(3) management company contracted by the City of Manchester to operate a Business Improvement District (BID). We are funded through a special assessment on downtown commercial properties.

Since 1996 we have worked as partners with the City to undertake certain management responsibilities of the downtown area and to provide business support within the BID. This mission is accomplished by focusing on two general areas to enhance the economic vitality of the downtown area:

  • Developing and operating maintenance and beautification services to enhance the physical environment
  • Creating and funding a communications network and developing promotional activities to build a sense of community for the downtown.
What we do:
  • Maintenance and Beautification – Intown Manchester provides periodic mechanized sweeping and litter removal service for sidewalks and alleys, graffiti, flowers, trees, and aids in the Millyard Revitalization effort.
  • Retail Development & Business Support – Provide support for downtown businesses and restaurants by developing cross promotional programs and providing free marketing efforts.
  • Promotional Activities – Intown Manchester designs and implements marketing plans that include the design and production of: The Taste of Downtown The Christmas Parade, The Downtown Holiday Market, Eats Week, street banners, quarterly newsletters, bi-weekly e-newsletters, Downtown Maps & Guides, Downtown Dining Guides, and a website dedicated to promoting business and activities happening downtown.

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