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Keeping Love and Life in Death

Life Forest is one of Manchester’s newest businesses, one that redefines the tradition of burial, and where cremation doesn’t mean an urn on a shelf in the living room.

Life Forest keeps family at the heart of everything- they follow the belief that a positive surrounding is the foundation of healing and sustaining emotional connection with those who have passed. No longer would you visit a headstone, but a beautiful tree (of your choice) planted in memorial of your loved one, where their cremated remains nurture the soil. Life Forest provides a place to commune with nature and the spirit of your loved one as you watch their tree grow in a space that promotes health, healing, and happiness.

Family is not just human, but also furry, scaly, feathery, and any other pet who may be deemed a sibling or child. Life Forest includes pets in the same plots as their humans, where all family members are treated with dignity and perpetual care. Every memory tree is protected by Life Forest’s legal conservation covenants in a safe a quiet setting located in a forest in Hillsborough, where your plot is recorded for future generations to discover. You have the option of adding a memorial marker or bench with your tree, so you have a place to relax and speak to your loved ones.

Life Forest also knows the value of remembering how a life was lived. Through a QR code, you are linked to a web page with stories, photos, and videos of your loved ones, making it easy to share with others. The use of technology does not stop there, the Life Forest App, which is currently being developed, will allow you to input the name of your loved one and receive directions leading to your burial tree.

You are welcome to explore Life Forest!

For more information on pricing, charities (including the Children’s Burial Assistance and Caring Clergy), care, and other details, or to set up a meeting at one of their Manchester meeting places, please visit the website.

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