#FoodieFriday: Campo Enoteca

This was actually my first time at Campo Enoteca, and it did not disappoint. When you open the door you are greeted by an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, with friendly staff to seat you. Before I go into detail about what we had and how it was, I want to tell you a little bit about the restaurant. Everything is scratch made by their chefs in house, which means your food is fresh, and yes, that includes the bread AND pasta. They also have a farm-to-table philosophy, which means their ingredients are largely local and generally from somewhere in the New England region with very few exceptions. I will also say this right off the bat- the service was great and very fast, I was on a little bit of a time crunch and everything made it out in time for me to eat and run.

We started our lunch with some wine, of which they have a pretty decent selection, and bread with oil (a personal favorite). The bread was nice and soft in the middle and the crust was the perfect complement, both held up well against the oil, which contained spices and cheese(!). I often times seek out restaurants that start with bread and oil, and while I probably have too much of it before my meal, it’s one of those things I really can’t resist.

On to our lunch dishes: they were all delicious. Between the three of us three completely different dishes were consumed, salad and pasta, pizza, and a panini. You know how sometimes, when your food comes out of the kitchen, your eyes get really big because it’s all just so pretty? I can safely say that happened at Campo. That doesn’t mean it was too pretty to eat, I honestly never think that of food because my stomach tells me so. We dug right in and it was silent for about the next 5ish minutes (which is impressive, I promise). The Organic Roman salad (their version of a caesar) and the Classic Roman Carbonara both had the exact right amount of dressing/sauce so that it wasn’t too saturated or dry. We arrived shortly after the lunch special for half and half ended, so they did not come out together, but it was still the right portions as an available option (on separate plates). The Prosciutto Pizza had the right amount of pesto to mozzarella (fresh and delicious, of course) and a pile of prosciutto on it, ready to be eaten with every bite. Now for my lunch: I had the Verona Chicken Panino with Tuscan spiced potato chips, and it came out boasting bold and delicious flavors with amazingly melty cheese. I like to explain toasted sandwiches by the level at which they cut the roof of your mouth but are still crunchy. I’m happy to report to you that it was toasty, well seasoned, and I left with no cuts or irritation to the roof of my mouth. All in all it was a successful sandwich with a side salad that you could tell was fresh, I could actually pick it up on my fork with no assistance from other utensils (or fingers). The chips were SO good, with the perfect amount of seasoning so you don’t get one that has all of it and another that has none.

My recommendation for you is to go to Campo Enoteca and check it out. We went just after lunch time, which I really think was the perfect time. They are located at 969 Elm Street and are open Monday through Thursday 11-9, Friday 11-10, and Saturday 4-10.

Happy Eating!

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