Summers at Intown Manchester are a little crazy- Now that we’re in mid-July, Summerfest has started and Intown’s Farmers Market is well underway. We have many amazing vendors at the concerts and market, but this week I wanted to put a little spotlight on a couple of our regulars, the food trucks! I’ll have you know right off the bat that I’m a food truck fanatic- I seek out all of the festivals, all the breweries with rotating food trucks, and follow the food trucks themselves on social media. It never gets old, and luckily my friends are totally fine with me pestering them about going to whatever food truck event I find.

This brings me to my next point: on Thursdays I can just tell them to come see me at work (because I have an awesome job, I get to work at the market and concerts) to have some GREAT food truck deliciousness. At Intown’s Farmers Market, you will find the Forking Awesome food truck, and right after that at our summerfest concert series you will get to have food from the Somerset Grille food truck.

Each truck has their own style, and really are completely different menus. Both are SO delicious. If you’re looking for spectacular, creative tacos and different flavors of mac and cheese, the Forking Awesome food truck should be your destination. I had the Korean BBQ taco last week, and thinking about it now is making my mouth water. I watched them serving up their mac and cheese parfaits; I have to tell you I want to get one of those, but will have MAJOR FOMO for the taco. This is one of those trucks where you want to try everything you haven’t had, but you like what you have had so much that you can’t.


If you’re looking for classic American food, this is your stop. Somerset Grille has burgers, dogs, fries, mozz sticks, and so much more. They have it down to a science. My personal favorite is their fried ravioli. You get the great flavor of the ravioli and as an added bonus you get a crunch that elevates the ravioli to something even better. You really can’t go wrong here, that’s why they’ve been our summer concert staple for years.

If you can’t make it out on a Thursday, be sure to check out each food trucks schedule and search them out. You will not regret it, I promise!

Thank you for tuning into this week’s #FoodTruckFriday! Tune in next week for more information about the best restaurants, cafes and bars in downtown Manchester!

Looking for more information about events and happenings in downtown Manchester? Click here to access the Intown Manchester website!

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