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New businesses of all sorts are popping up in Manchester, one of the most unique and exciting is PeddlMHT. I had a chance to speak with Mike Cashion, owner and operator of the newest form of transportation in our city, the peddl cab, and get some answers.

A little about Mike and Peddl to start: He’s a life-long New Hampshire resident who calls Southern New Hampshire home. Mike’s background is a little all over the place in terms of professional and volunteer experience. As a professional, he has worked in for-profit, non-profit and as a small business operator. Two of his longer term roles were as Chief Instructor/Owner of Villari’s Martial Arts Concord and Manger of Operations and Communication at Alpha Loft with a primary focus on Manchester.

Peddl has been featured in multiple articles including, but not limited to, these written by Manchester Ink Link and Stay Work Play New Hampshire. He is also dedicated to promoting everything downtown and really works as an ambassador for the area. The DoubleTree Hilton Downtown Hotel gives him an array of out-of-towners to guide around Downtown Manchester and give recommendations. Not only that, Peddl offers ad space to local companies on the Peddl Car, so your business can get great exposure on rides around town and all of the pictures posted to various social media by riders and the Peddle accounts alike.

After speaking with Mike, it’s easy to see this is one fun company, and the perfect way to get from one point to another.

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I figure the question most people would start off with is this: Where did you come up with the idea for Peddl and are you the only Peddlr?


Peddl was started after a lunch with a good friend at Republic. At the time I had been and was currently working in jobs which I was not fully vested or enjoying. By the end of lunch, we had come up with the idea for Peddl, sent the idea to the Hitchcock family (#CrazyMHTIdeas), and had a pedicab on the way to Manchester from a manufacturer in Montana. From there it all just happened. It all got figured out and we have been working through problems, giving rides, marketing brands and having fun along the way.

In the Fall and through this interview I have been the primary Peddler. Although with this being said, we are looking for drivers who are interested in driving for us on weekend and event nights this summer and fall. If you or someone else would love to drive for us, please refer them to our website for more information on how to get in touch with us!

So you must have been a bike rider before starting Peddl, especially since you cover a considerable area in Manchester? 

Yes! Personally I have a road bike that I absolutely love and try to ride often, as I really enjoy cycling and running. Being outside in the sunshine while being active and around people is all kinds of awesome. I ride my road bike often and was a bicycle commuter for numerous years and LOVED IT! With Peddl, we service Downtown, the Millyard, and Ballpark Districts in Manchester. This basically runs in line with the map of the area in which Intown Manchester serves. We do occasionally have rides that take us a little outside of that area, we also will go to events, and are currently working on a tour that we will hopefully be making available in the not too distant future.

I know you’ve only been in operation since the Fall of 2018, but what is your favorite part of what you do and also your favorite memory so far?

The people are GREAT! The riders, the community and the business community downtown are all kinds of awesome! Whether we are talking with a local, giving restaurant or bar recommendations, helping a visitor with directions, talking with a bouncer, chatting with a rider, or taking a selfie with a group of people, it is all fun, and all about the people and the experience.My favorite memory is probably the first country concert that I worked. I dressed up in a spandex, red tuxedo morph suit while peddling around to the music that the artist would be playing at that night’s concert. We all had fun. There were lots of waves, high fives, selfies, Facebook lives, snaps and many memories from that night. The people are what make this so fun.

Alright, so if I’m riding and a tire goes flat, what’s your course of action?

If a tire goes flat, we do have to fix it so that we can get back to rolling through downtown. I have had my share of flats on my road bike, and to date, we have not had any flats, although I am sure it will happen at some point. Issues do arise as they do with any business. In our case it has been interesting to work through some electrical issues (for our required lights) that we had in the beginning. Working through those issues really goes hand in had with getting a completely new-to-the-area business up and running. Currently, we only have one pedicab but if we see the model working we would love to add additional cabs in the future to cater to additional needs, potential services and increased capacity.

Is Peddl just to catch a ride around town?

We can be booked on an hourly basis for date night rides, weddings, birthdays, special events, or yes, just to take a long ride and enjoy a nice summer or fall day. There are speakers built into the seats, so let us know if you have a Spotify playlist or artist in mind that you would like to listen to as we ride through downtown. Passengers can reserve a ride online at Drivers work for tips! Payments can be made with cash, card, venmo, cash app, etc.


If you would like to schedule your next date night, birthday surprise, wedding arrival, stroll in the park, buisness meeting, or anything else you can think of with Peddl, call 603.489.6061 or click!

“We are all about having fun and cannot wait to take you for a ride!”

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