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#FoodieFriday: TACO TOUR 2019 Need to Know

A taco in each hand is a balanced diet-

If you’re nacho excited for May 2nd, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s Taco Tour Time!

Not to get jalapeno business, but lettuce tacover the details for Taco Tour 2019. If I miss anything, please feel free to reach out via the Facebook Event Page.

Please remember, this is a public, family friendly event that takes place in downtown Manchester. While we know you want to have fun, and this may include drinking, we ask that you are respectful of the other Taco Tour attendees. We are so excited to be taking over the Taco Tour this year and would like to make it a successful event for everyone involved. This year we have added a Trolley, live music brought to you by Rock 101, a climbing wall from Vertical Entertainment, and a few other special vendors.

Things you need to know:

  • Please bring CASH to pay for your $2.00 tacos to keep it easy for everyone involved
  • Event Parking: Elm Street will be CLOSED starting at 3:00 p.m. the day of the event from Central Street to Bridge Street and down Hanover and Lowell Streets from Chestnut to Elm. If you normally park anywhere within the street closure, please be sure to move your car by 3:00 p.m. or you will be parked there until the Taco Tour ends. There is ample parking around Manchester, please have a plan in place so you know how to get where you would like to go without hitting Elm Street. Some suggestions for you: Victory Parking Garage, Citizen’s Bank Parking Garage, Center of NH Parking Garage, Plaza Drive Garage, The Middle parking Lot, the Parking Lot by Arms Park, and Hartnett lot. If you need an address for one of those, click Here.
    • Please DO NOT park at the Hilton Garden Inn (by Fishercats Stadium), you will be towed at your own expense. 
  • We have a Trolley this year! Now you don’t have to walk or drive to Taco locations not on Elm Street. The Trolley stops are as follows:
    • To Share Brewing
    • The Currier Museum of Art
    • The Farm Bar & Grille
    • Chestnut Street and Lowell Street
    • Chestnut Street and Hanover Street
    • Granite Street and Elm Street
    • Studio 550 (550 Elm Street)
    • The Fishercats Taco Tourist Location at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium and Hilton Garden Inn
    • The Foundry Restaurant
    • Stark Brewing Company/Arms Park
    • 900 Degrees
    • Fratello’s Italian Grille
  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka will be donating $1.00 for every Tito’s drink special purchased at participating locations to Families in Transition – New Horizons, up to $2,000. These drinks will be available at participating locations on the day of the Taco Tour.  Locations include: Firefly American Bistro & Bar, 815, Thirsty Moose Taphouse, Piccola Italia, Portland Pie Company, Buba Noodle Bar, Ignite Bar and Grille, Lorena’s Cantina, Cheddar & Rye, and Doogies Bar and Grill. Any alcoholic beverages MUST BE consumed on the premise of the establishment where purchased. 

If you do partake in the drink specials that day, please be sure to keep you, your friends, your family, all the taco tour attendees, the people providing the delicious tacos, and the rest of our city safe. Don’t drive if you’ve had too much, call an Uber, a taxi, or find a different safe ride home!

 We’re excited to announce our special V.I.P #TacoTour2019 experience raffle!

For a $10.00 raffle ticket, you will be entered into a drawing to win a dream #tacotour experience. One lucky winner will receive:

-FREE tacos for you and one guest from every location

-NO LINES, there will be a taco runner for you, your guest, and the Judges

-A Ride in the Judge’s limo to every taco location

-Give you input to the Judges

Click HERE to buy your ticket(s) now!

As a thanks for reading, here is THE MAP (there have been a couple additions since the Hippo release), so now you can navigate the tacos and know where to meat your friends.

Thank you for tuning into this week’s #FoodieFriday featuring #TacoTour2019! Tune in next week for more information about the best restaurants, cafes and bars in downtown Manchester!

Looking for more information about events and happenings in downtown Manchester? Click here to access the Intown Manchester website!

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