Throwback Thursday


The Bright Blue Piggy Bank Downtown

This week we are revisiting what once was an eye-catching gem of downtown, the blue piggy bank! 


Do you remember this interestingly shaped bank that was located downtown in the 1970’s? Well, according to a tiny news blurb in The Southeast Missourian‘s November 20, 1972 issue, the pig was “28 feet in height and 100 feet in circumference. It [was] painted bright blue with pink flowers on the sides, and…built around a trailer.”


It was also discovered that “the piggy [was] a temporary facility for the now closed Manchester Bank while they were remodeling. It had four bank teller stations inside, and two drive up stations outside.”  According to the Manchester Historic Association, this pig shaped bank was built around Labor Day in 1972.

It is too bad that this bank no longer exists, but we can relish in the history of what it once was and the uniqueness of this temporary building located in Downtown Manchester!

All images courtesy of The Manchester Historic Association.

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s #ThrowBackThursday! 

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