Throwback Thursday


A Day in the Life of Manchester Citizens – 1936

It’s always interesting to see just how much our city has changed throughout the years! We decided to take a glimpse in the past of a few Manchester residence in the year 1936! During this time the Amoskeag Manufacturing companies had just filled bankruptcy and Manchester began to adjust to these new changes!


These women make their way to the factory one morning, in the the Amoskaeg Mills. These mills were “run by a corporation called Amoskeag Industries, which was formed by local businessmen in 1936”.

Manchester street scene. Photo courtesy Library of Congress.This image shows Manchester businessmen gathered together one day in 1936… what they were speaking of, we will never know, but we can only guess it had to do with businesses downtown!

throw back thursday

Women who worked in the mills would get paid on Thursdays, where they would then go shopping on Elm Street! Look at the price of those hats…only twenty-nine cents back in 1936.


Another image of pedestrians walking along Elm Street in 1936! Elm Street at the time offered a variety of shops which attracted many people to the downtown area!

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