Throwback Thursday

#ThrowbackThursday June 7, 2018

A Year without Summer – 1816

Who would have thought that just over 200 years ago, New Hampshire would have experienced a year without a summer? After Mt. Tambora in Indonesia erupted in 1815, the impact of this explosion was felt all the way across the world, particularly in New England, where residence endured a year of frigid temperatures and snow.

winter thst never ends

New Hampshire natives reported experiencing deep frosts in every month of the summer and even a Nor’ Easter that had dumped nearly seven inches of snow in June! Lakes were completely frozen over, mountain tops had a white caps and temperatures plummeted below freezing in the month of August!

During the course of the summer long freeze, the crops in New Hampshire were dramatically affected, many of them dying from the cold before the harvest. Fear of famine was apparent and many farmers began to migrate to the Mid West for better farming. Animals who had shed their winter coats were beginning to freeze and farmers would wrap them in blankets to keep them alive. year without summer

Thankfully for us, as we embrace the warm days of summer to come, we won’t have to think about winter and snow for at least another few months! To find out more about a year without summer in 1816, click here!

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