#foodiefriday July 21st, 2017

Totes My G.O.A.T.s

Via Derek Lynch

Before I was on my way to Intown Manchester’s Brady Sullivan office I drove south, down the longest dead-end street in the United States of America – Elm Street (A little known, random fact for locals new to the city whom enjoy random facts). I usually stop in at the Local Moose Café (located on Queen City Ave) to have a random latte (Dealer’s Choice), however this particular visit I was ready for lunch and decided to order The Hungry Goat.

This sandwich is remarkable. It’s so refreshing; For a guy who casually ate 10 egg-omelets at Julien’s Corner during high school football preseasons of the past, even light-years later I can attest to how filling this Hungry Goat sandwich is. It’s healthy for you too! The red pepper hummus spread evenly on house-made French bread really complements the juicy pickled carrots and beets (which are locally homegrown and nearby at a greenhouse), and are topped with micro-greens locally from Stout Oak Farm.



This vegan sangy is so delicious and my Greatest Of All Time at The Local Moose Café. Regardless of your diet choices, your choices will be beneficial here. While checking out their vegan options on their menu, among the other great dishes of which they serve.

Check the Local Moose Café out on the Queen City Ave neighboring the Farnum Center and parking in the lot across from Blue Bird Storage. Free Wi-Fi for those who like to work in a friendly, upbeat café environment and lounge space to have group get-togethers and collaboration.

Website: www.thelocalmoosecafe.com




Local Moose Cafe Open Hours:

The Local Moose

   Monday – CLOSED

   Tues.-Fri. 7am-3pm

   Sat.-Sun. 8am-4pm








124 Queen City Avenue

Manchester NH 03103


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