#foodiefriday Feb-3-2017

It’s Superbowl Weekend! Even better, it’s a Patriots Superbowl. Admittedly, I was rooting for a Cowboys and Patriots Superbowl, but that will have to wait another year…

Whether you like football or not Superbowl Sunday is all about the FOOD.

ABC News this morning released an article of the Top Suberbowl Sunday Dishes. Among the dishes: Oregon’s tater tot casserole, Louisiana’s crabmeat, shrimp, and spinach dip, and Arizona’s cornbread cake. New Hampshire’s most searched dish is tacos!

We were chatting about our favorite foods for the big game here in the office and came up with some great ones!

Trixie loves some hot wings, the spicier the better! Both Sara and I tend to prefer terriyaki or asian style wings. What kind of #foodiefriday host would I be if I didn’t give you one of my favorite wing recipes, straight from my kitchen! This recipe is paleo-friendly and is a tweak of a recipe from one of my paleo cookbooks.

Crispy Coconut Wings with Chili Ginger Sauce:

3 small packages of chicken wings separated at the joints. Washed and dried.
Toss with mixture of:
8 tbsp coconut flour
4 tbsp toasted unsweetened coconut
1/2 tsp ground ginger,salt, pepper
1tbsp garlic powder
Place on cookie cooling rack and refrigerate for at least 2 hours uncovered. Pre-heat oven to 475. Place racks with chicken on cookie sheets. Bake 12 minutes. Turn chicken and bake another 6-10 minutes or until juices run clear. In bowl mix 1 tbsp rice vinegar, soy sauce, ginger/garlic paste, honey, chilli sauce. 1/2tsp sesame oil, Sriracha to taste. In small batches, toss with hot chicken wings when a few teaspoons of sauce. And plate. Continue until all wings are coated.

Let us know what YOUR favorite Superbowl snack is! And if you don’t feel like cooking, head to one of our Downtown bars here. Stark Brewing is offering a $30 all you can eat (and drink!) at their restaurant! Terms apply. See more here!


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