Throwback Thursday Jan-5-2017

Before McIntyre Ski Area was built in the 1970s, there was the Elms Ski Tow Hill. Located at The Elms Resort in Goffs Falls, The Ski Hill offered some inexpensive winter fun for guests and residents of Manchester! According to NELSAP, the ski tow was 175 feet long in the 1930s and 1940s and later increased to 300 feet. There was a ski jump until the 1950s too!  It also included a Toboggan Slide, but more on that next week! The ski tow existed until the 1970s.

The NELSAP website includes some great anecdotes of folks who enjoyed the hill in its heyday. Ken Hughes wrote in to the NELSAP about his memories of the Elms:

The first ski area I skied at was over 44 years ago and it was the Elms Hotel. I remember it like it was yesterday…I would spend  Saturday morning washing and waxing the floor of the house and my mother would give me one dollar.  I would get on the bus about 10:30 or 11:00  with skis, poles and boots and make a transfer to another bus and had to walk 1/3 of a mile to make it to the Elms.  Skied all afternoon and would go into a lounge like area and buy a Pepsi and chocolate bar and listen to the DUKE OF EARL  and then take the bus back home just in time for dinner.  And you know what, with all that I still had 15 cents left…

It sounds like the Elms was the place to be for a little bit of skiing! I’ve gathered some photos from the Manchester Historic Association archives–see them below! Join us next week for some cool shots of the Elm’s Toboggan slide!

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