20 Years of Intown Series: 2015


In 2015, we knew it was time to amplify our summer programming in Downtown. With this vision in mind, we added four new events to our summer event lineup! With the support of our sponsors: TD Bank, AARP, the City of Manchester, and WZID, we brought two Saturday music festivals and two movies tofb15 Veterans Park! The Saturday festivals are the Livin’ Free Fest, a night to honor current and veteran members of our nation’s military, and Livin’ Free Fest, a night of local musicians celebrating summer and love of NH! The two Thursday night movies vary every year! So far we’ve shown Finding Nemo, The Lego Movie, and Inside Out! Unfortunately, our showing of The Goonies was canceled due to rain. We can’t imagine our TD Bank Summer Fest line up without these (now) signature events!

general-marketing-imageIn the spirit of Morty the Elf (hiding Downtown now!) we created Seamus the Leprechaun, Morty’s equally mischievous cousin! Hidden in locations throughout Downtown, rhyming clues about Seamus’ location are posted our our social media sites. Once found, a prize is rewarded to whoever has found him!

Downtown Development

In a deal brokered in 2014 between Dean Kamen of DEKA and UNH Manchester, a building “swap” of sorts occurred in Manchester’s Millyard. In March of 2015, UNH Manchester moved its campus from 400 Commercial Street to The Pandora Mill at 88 Commercial Street. “Under the terms, UNH [sold] the current UNH-Manchester campus at 400 Commercial St. to Kamen, whose company is adjacent to the university building.”

The move was “part of UNH-Manchester’s effort to recast itself as a technology-oriented, urban campus.” With the move, UNH Manchester has become a fixture of the Manchester skyline and an even bigger part of the Downtown community! Downtown Manchester is truly their campus and we couldn’t be more excited!


As we’ve continuously mentioned in our 20 Years of Intown Series, our goal each year is to increase not only our beautification manpower, but the physical beauty of Downtown as well. It was in 1999 that Intown installed the Downtown Planter Beautification Program! With what began with just 10 planters lining Elm Street, in 2015 we increased the program to now include 25 planters throughout North, South, and Central Elm Street as well as Central and Hanover Streets! Our maintenance team and Plant Lady Jan pick perfect flowers each Spring to fill the pots with a gorgeous selection that lasts throughout the summer months adding not only color to Downtown, but beauty!


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