#foodiefriday Dec-9-2016

Eek! We only have two more #foodiefriday posts until Christmas! How’s that for a measure of time?! I’ll be finishing up all my Christmas shopping Saturday at our Downtown Holiday Market, marking the earliest I’ve ever done it. I feel beyond accomplished!

This year, the holiday season will be a bit different, as my beloved aunt passed away in September. In keeping with her tradition, my entire family is traveling to Connecticut for the Feast of the Seven Fishes. My cousins and uncle have already begun the hunt for all the necessary ingredients, including eels (one fish market told them to try a bait shop! Luckily, we didn’t have to resort to that!), squid, smoked mackerel and sardines. I’ve joked about squid and peas, but I am so excited to enjoy this traditional meal with my family.

If you want to try your own Feast of the Seven Fishes, you’re in luck! Campo Enoteca will be hosting their very own celebration! On Christmas Eve, their menu is:

Seafood Sliders: Angelic little bites: 2 white Atlantic fishes served on our housemade focaccia, with the best Calabrian Scamorza mozzarella and caper remoulade. Served with Tuscan chips.

Crostini trinity: 3 of Italy’s most beloved fish, served as a dollop of delight on housemade sourdough, all crispy-toasty: salt cod brandade, sardines with Venetian onions, and smoked local mackerel.

Tuna Siciliano con polenta: An audacious, fire-roasted tomato sauce with chili, capers, and anchovy makes this a smoky seafood delight. Served with grilled herb polenta.

Hollander mussels romano: fatter because they are log-grown, these Hollanders are sautéed in white wine with a savory herb butter, then flambee’d with Sambuca to add a devilish hint of anise.

Cod with clam risotto — Snapping-fresh Gulf of Maine cod, dusted with chick pea flour and flash-fried, served with baby clam risotto.

How AMAZING does this menu look!? See more information about the menu and tradition here! To make reservations, give them a call at (603) 625-0256!


2 thoughts on “#foodiefriday Dec-9-2016

  1. Sorry to hear about your aunt I hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Also great menu for Feast of the Seven Fishes, I haven’t heard of it. Thanks for featuring us on your post as well 🙂

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