20 Years of Intown Series: 2013

Downtown Development & Beautification

summitIn February of 2013, Intown hosted the “Next Steps Summit.” Intown Manchester’s goal in producing the Next Steps Summit was to build on the social capital and revived interest in downtown that had been established within the past decade of growth, and to engage downtown stakeholders, next-gen professionals, downtown property owners and developers, civic leaders, business owners, employees, students and residents – with a sense of possibility, vision, and action that would steer Intown for the next decade. A true grassroots effort, there were four main recommendations, based on the principals of Placemaking, which are the underpinnings of Intown Manchester’s mission.

The four recommendations were:

Work with stakeholders and the City to develop and implement a multi-year branding/marketing initiative.
This recommendation spurred the idea of marketing Downtown Manchester as ‘New Hampshire’s Downtown!’

Create a variety of outdoor, year-round amenities that are pedestrian, cycling, and family-friendly. Suggestions include: biking paths, walking trails, ice skating, public art, and river access.
In the three short years since the summit, Downtown has seen an increase of public art (murals, utility art boxes, expansion of our banner program), bike racks, cycling lanes (Chestnut Street), A Master Biking Plan for the City, to the creation of ManchesterConnects, an advocacy group to increase and promote the use and accessibility of Manchester’s river front, among many, many more projects!

Increase residential density in downtown with a variety of market-rate housing options, some of which should include units that are smaller in size, making them more affordable for many demographics.
With the opening of The Lofts at Mill #1, The Lofts at Mill West, The Flats, and 875 Elm Street, there has been a large increase in residential density in downtown!

Help to build supportive cultures to increase business sector that are poised for growth, such as technology and entrepreneurship, as well as to encourage the establishment of artists and artisans.
Manchester was just named a “New Silicon City” by the Wall Street Journal! In addition to the tech boom of Manchester, our artist community has also been thriving with the creation of the Manchester Makerspace!



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