Throwback Thursday Nov-10-2016

If you’ve ever walked by our office, you may have noticed the big bookshelf right by my desk. A few weeks ago while combing through, I found a magazine all about Manchester from 1998. The magazine titled, The Manchester Century: A testament to the leadership, foresight, and ingenuity of Greater Manchester, New Hampshire, past and present. The magazine, while not super old, is quite the time capsule into Manchester 18 years ago! One of the first things I noticed was a map of Downtown from 1998!

The map definitely illustrates some events and institutions that have long been, and currently are, a huge part of Downtown’s identity. Intown still hosts our Downtown Concerts on Thursdays in the summer, and the Farmers’ Market is still open at 3:00pm on Thursdays in the summer too! While Riverfest is no longer, we’re proud to say Summer Fest still provides tons of activities throughout the summer for families that does include concerts, road races, craft exhibits, and more! Both the Amoskeag Fishways and Currier Musuem remain fixtures in our community. UNH Manchester relocated to 88 Commercial Street and NHIA has increased their presence in Downtown too! Downtown is continuously moving forward and our Downtown is as vibrant as ever! What is the biggest change you’ve seen in Downtown since 1998!?



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