20 Years of Intown Series: 2012

Downtown Development

marketbasketphotoIn a huge step of our Downtown Development, Market Basket opened a brand-new store at 460 Elm Street in 2012! It’s hard to imagine our Downtown without the store these days! The opening of the store not only provided a full-service grocery store within walking distance of Downtown, but it also provided a burst of economic activity for the entire South Elm area.


Twenty local businesses funded a public beautification project, aptly called “Light Up the Gateway”.  An initiative of Intown Manchester, the project entailed connecting power to the medians, through underground conduits, from two power boxes on the corners across the street.   A team from Demand Electric installed the power for us.

Then the Manchester Parks Department dug trenches along each landscaped median and laid the conduits through which the wiring will run.  Lighting is scheduled to be installed later this month.

A striking sign, designed and manufactured by Scott Aubertin of First Sign,  was recently installed on the northeast corner of Granite and Commercial Street, acknowledging the generosity of our twenty business sponsors .


2012 was a great year for Downtown in which we saw the opening of tons of our Downtown staples including: Studio 550, The Training Station, The Farm Bar and Grille, Murphy’s Diner, Antiques on Elm, The Gyro Spot, Granite State Candy Shoppe, Baked Downtown Cafe and Bakery, Antiques on Elm, and USA Chicken and Biscuit! 2012 was also the year our Executive Director began at Intown! Congratulations on four great years Sara!



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