#foodiefriday Sept-23-2016

We mentioned last week that there was tons of #foodienews happening in Downtown! Among this fun news is the opening of the Birch on Elm, Downtown’s newest addition. The Birch on Elm invites you to “Join us in a wonderfully relaxing environment in which you will be served cutting edge and classic cocktails as well as beautiful global cuisine.”

Pumpkin Flan from the Birch on Elm

Pumpkin Flan from the Birch on Elm

I was lucky enough to stop last Thursday night and again Wednesday night for some drinks and food! On Thursday we got the house-baked sourdough bread with butter, mussels, and a beautiful cheese plate. We could not get enough of the whipped pate on the cheese plate. It was super airy with a delicious earthy flavor. Paired with their  sourdough, we were in HEAVEN! The mussels were super tasty in a yummy broth. When I went back on Wednesday, I had had already eaten dinner so I stuck with a glass of wine and dessert. We ordered the doughnut and pumpkin flan. As we all know, my sweet-tooth is huuuge, and these desserts hit the spot! The pumpkin flan was the perfect fall treat with warm flavors and perfect consistency. As for the doughnut, well, it was perfect!

Be sure to stop by and visit the Birch on Elm! #eatlocal! The Birch on Elm is located at 931 Elm Street. They’re open Tues-Wed from 4pm-12am, and Thurs-Sat from 11am-12am, and Sundays from 11am-4pm. Like them on Facebook here!



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