20 Years of Intown Series: 2009

Downtown Development

For so long the outside of the Brady Sullivan Plaza was a barren sea of concrete. In a huge renovation, Brady Sullivan created an inviting park, bursting with vibrant flowers, elegant granite and iron fencing, brick walkways, grassy berms, and weathered rock outcroppings. While this improvement improved the Plaza, it also made a world of difference to the look and feel of Downtown by adding street level green space to such a heavily populated area.

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Veterans Park not only serves as a hub of activity in the summer, or as a welcomed green space in the middle of the city; it is, of course, a memorial to Manchester’s veterans from the Civil War, WWI, the Korean War, the Iraq War and Operation Enduring Freedom. In 2009, “A Promise was Fulfilled” and a memorial to WWII was installed after years of fundraising. The octagonal memorial bears the names of over 12,000 Manchester men and women that fought in the war; including 323 veterans that were lost or killed.

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