Taste of Downtown 2016 FAQ!

FB Event Cover Photo

Where can I buy my wristband?

  1. Online here!
  2. In our office at 1000 Elm Street (next to the post office)

Credit cards are accepted in both methods! If you purchase your ticket in our office you will get your wristband immediately. If you purchase your ticket online, please bring your ticket print-out as you will need to pick up your wristband the night of the event at 1000 Elm Street out on the Plaza. Please have your ID ready to collect your wristbands! Please note to avoid a credit card processing fee, please use cash or check!

What does my wristband ticket cover?

Your wristband is your pass for the entire night! With it, you will receive a delicious tasting at each location and access to local retailers and music along the route!

What time is the event?

The event starts at 5:00pm and will run until 8:00pm.

Where can I see a map of participating locations?

See the 2016 map for the Taste of Downtown here!

Where can I pick up a map the night of?

Maps will be available at 1000 Elm Street on the Plaza, at 900 Elm Street in City Hall Plaza, and in each participating location.

Will there be a raffle?

Yes! The raffle will be located at the Plaza at 1000 Elm Street.

Will there be a water station?

Yes, water will be available at the WZID table at the Plaza at 1000 Elm Street.

Where should I start the Taste?

Up to you! We suggest starting at Studio 550 and working your way North!

Are kids free?

Kids under the age of 12 are free.

Any tips to getting the most out of the Taste?

Come hungry and stroll along at a leisurely place! You don’t want to get too full to quickly! Enjoy!


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