#Intowns20th · Throwback Thursday

20 Years of Intown Series: 2007

Beautification and Downtown Development

In the Summer of 2007, Veterans Park was the focus of Intown’s beautification efforts. Much like Victory Park is the focus of the Summer of 2016. For the very first time, in 2007, flowers were bursting from the tree wells (all 10) in front of Veterans Park. The multi-floral visual effect for an entire city block was and still is quite stunning. Here’s how it all happened…With the help from Alderman-at-Large Mike Lopez, a collaborative effort began in the early summer of 2007. The flowers rest in specially designed and custom built containers that fit inside the curved walls of the brick tree wells. In addition to Intown Manchester’s maintenance team, the construction effort involved professional carpenters loaned by Brady Sullivan properties and the City Facilities Department. The Parks Department then filled the the wells with layers of pea-stone an loam. This project was funded through our Street Banner Program. VetFlower 2007


2007 was also the first year of Eats Week. While we haven’t run Eats Week since 2014, due to the increase of our Summer Fest programming (more on that in December’s 2015 post ;)), Eats Week was a restaurant week of sorts–with different specials throughout Downtown restaurants! The first ever Eats Week included great restaurants like: Cotton, Red Arrow diner, Suddenly Susan’s Milly’s Tavern, The Shaskeen, Van Otis, Edible Arrangements, Ben & Jerry’s, Fratello’s and Piccola! Do you remember Eats Week?


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