20 Years of Intown Series: 2006

Promotion and Beautification


“Every great city has an interesting story to tell, and Manchester is no exception. But unless one has time to tour a museum, there is no way for the casual visitor to learn about Manchester’s extraordinary industrial heritage or what makes the city vibrant.” Until 2006. In 2006, “an attractive four-sided information kiosk was installed at Stanton Plaza, in front of the Radisson Hotel. Here one could, and still can, read about the history of our world famous Amoskeag Mills, while learning about Manchester’s business advantages and our unique cultural and entertainment venues. A community bulletin board also provides a place for the public to advertise their events.” This kiosk still stands and is a great resource for not only Manchester visitors, but residents alike!


Downtown Development

“We’ve always known that the Millyard was a special place, and in 2006 the entire country began to recognize the name ‘Amoskeag Millyard, thanks to the National Trust for Historic Preservation which awarded the Amoskeag Millyard a 2006 National Preservation Honor Award! This highly coveted recognition honors “the efforts of individuals, nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and corporations whose skill and determination have given new meaning to their communities through preservation.” What an amazing honor!

2006 also brought some wonderful businesses to Downtown including: Ben and Jerry’s, the grand opening of the Hilton Garden Inn, and Conseulo’s! Congratulations on 10 years in Downtown to all of these great businesses!

This week’s post features excerpts from 2006 editions of The Intown News.


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