20 Years of Intown Series: 2005


Promotion and Downtown Development

As we mentioned in 2004’s post, in 2005 Intown Manchester released “Benchmarking Downtown Manchester’s Economic Development” which was created to gauge Downtown’s progress in various areas of economic and community development. This study showed the strides our Downtown made in the first decade of the CBSD. The 37 pages are filled with information about the economic environment in 2005 including: office market, outlook for job growth, employment, residential and retail market, education, quality of public spaces and more! This study was so important to market Downtown as the business capital of New Hampshire.

Every ten years or so, Intown conducts either a benchmarking study, or strategic planning session (with the most recent in 2013), to not only measure Manchester’s continued growth, but plan for its future.

Some notable points from the 2005:

  • In a study released in June 2004, Manchester was the only city in the Northeast to be included in the top 10 American cities with the lowest tax burden.
  • Another report, released in July 2004 by the Wall Street bond rating firm Standard and Poors, revealed that Manchester was one of six communities in the nation that beat the recession.
  • From 1992 to 2002 Greater Manchester’s employment base expanded by more than 40 percent.
  • Almost 3 out of 4 city residents rate Manchester’s quality of life to be “good” or “excellent.”
  • Future development (that we now enjoy!) in 2005 included: The Residences at Manchester Place, the Riverfront Stadium (Northeast Delta Dental Stadium), and the Hilton Garden Inn!
  • 2005 also marked the grand opening of Northeast Delta Dental Stadium–the home of the New Hampshire Fishercats!


Intown Manchester in coordination with three City partners: the Parks, Highway, and Planning Departments, initiated a public space improvement project for the Hartnett Parking Lot and Victory Garage. Improvements included shrubs, mulch, over 600 day lilies (in the Hartnett Lot alone!), hostas, and junipers! These small changes vastly improved the image of both spaces and are still apparent to this day! Check out some before and after photos below. Next time you’re on Concord Street, check out the lilies in front of the red Intown barn! They’re stunning!

Hartnett lot before 2005

Hartnett Lot Before

Hartnett lot after 2005

Hartnett Lot After


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