#foodiefriday June-24-2016

Believe it or not, even being the #foodie I am, I hate coffee. My parents even owned a coffee shop and I could never be converted! The only way I can drink coffee means I have to add an embarrassing amount of chocolate, sugar, and cream, so I drink tea instead. You can understand my excitement when I found out June is National Iced Tea Month!

Here at the Intown office, both Sara and Trixie share my love of iced tea and you can often find us sipping on some in the office. My absolute favorite is A&E Coffee + Tea’s white lavender lemonade. Made with their white lavender tea, fresh lemon juice, and sugar , it’s a perfect combination of tart and sweet! (Pictured to the left)

Sara’s favorite is Cafe La Reine’s mint green iced tea which is SO refreshing on a hot Summer day! Their Arnold Palmer (pictured to the right) is also one of our favorites! You really can’t go wrong! Where do you get your iced tea fix?




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