#foodiefriday June-3-2016

Happy June! AND Happy National Doughnut day! Last year on this day, I wrote about my love of doughnuts, enjoy it below!

Today may be one of my favorite days of the year. National Doughnut Day. Today, the calories don’t count, nor does the number of doughnuts you consume. These are things I tell myself at least…

Ever since I was little, doughnuts have been my kryptonite. If my sisters and I behaved in church, my mother would bribe us with doughnuts. I would sit on my hands, to the left of my mom, avoiding my silly sisters at all costs as not to cause any mischief. All for a light pink strawberry frosted.

As I grew up, doughnuts remained my sweet treat of choice. While living in Washington D.C. it always took every fiber of my being to avoid the pre-packaged Krispy Kremes on the shelves. When we took a trip to Mohegan Sun for during Senior Week in college, we were all given vouchers for food or gambling. You guessed it, I bought Krispy Kremes.

I’m really an easy foodie to please. Have you gotten your doughnut fix today!?


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