20 Years of Intown Series: 2000


The early years of Intown were full of building up our Beautification program. From the purchase of a street sweeper, to the installation of flower pots, or Holiday decorations, there was a lot accomplished. By 2000, the fruits of Intown’s beautification efforts were in full bloom! The additional purchase of: a dump truck, tools, weed whackers, edge trimmers, and the Gator throughout Intown’s first six years absolutely changed the Beautification game and the same machinery is still used today by Nancy, Pepe, and Edwin to keep our Downtown looking beautiful!


latino Festival 2010 043

2000 was the year Latinos United of New Hampshire, a grassroots organization composed of members of the Hispanic community, hosted the first-ever one-day Festival Latino! According to Hector V. Velez Sr., the co-chair of the 2000 planning committee, “the goal of the Festival Latino is to share the cultural heritage of Manchester’s Latino community with its neighbors from the community-at-large, while strengthening the ties and building unity among various Latino nationalities which are represented in New Hampshire.” This event has been a community staple for the past 15 years! In 2014, the Latino Festival and the Ujima Collective joined forces to bring We Are One: a joint Latino and African Caribbean Celebration to Downtown. This year We Are One will be held on Saturday, August 13th to celebrate the amazing culture of Manchester!

Downtown Development

  • In the June 2000 issue of ‘The Intown News’ our former Executive Director Rich Davis outlined the impact of the Building Improvement Program (we’ve talked about it here), in its first three years of inception, “there have been 70 projects completed–from individual sign additions to full-scale building renovations…these projects have been accompanied by over 200 full-time jobs and another 200 part-time jobs, and another 300 jobs retained.” The Building Improvement Program was imperative to the early years of Intown Manchester. Without it, we would not have the both beautifully restored, and business-hub we have today!
  • In April 2000 the ground-breaking for the Verizon Wireless Arena began! We’ll cover the Arena more in 2001’s post.
  • Construction on the Chase Block was finalized in 2000 and Margarita’s Manchester signed their lease in 2000, eventually opening in 2001!

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