20 Years of Intown Series: 1998

Next up on our 20 Years of Intown Series is the year 1998! 1998 was a big year for Intown and the Downtown community! Instead of focusing on one thing from the year, I’ll share three things right from the September 1998 newsletter, Intown News!


When we talk about our beautification efforts in Downtown, it’s so easy for us to get excited! Our team of Pepe, Nancy and Edwin are unbelievable and keep our Downtown looking spotless. Waaaay back in 1998, we made a purchase that drastically improved the appearance of our Downtown. Ready!? We purchased a street sweeper. Super exciting right!? Well, back in 1998, this purchase changed the beautification game of Downtown. It is used “on all sidewalks in the Intown district, and it has the capacity to vacuum sand, rocks, litter, and other debris…The power sweeper has the potential to clean all sidewalks in the Intown district on a regular basis.” We still use the same street sweeper today and it is crucial for cleaning up the remnants of our notorious messy New Hampshire winters!

Downtown Development

Also in 1998 was the Grand Opening of FIRST Place, FIRST’s  Science and Technology facility! FIRST was started in 1989 right here in Manchester by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers to “develop ways to inspire students in engineering and technology fields.” FIRST has grown to include: FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League, FIRST LEGO League Jr., and FIRST Tech Challenge. FIRST Place still serves as a research facility today!  The reach of FIRST reaches 400,000+ students a year, with over 37,000 robots created across the globe. Remarkable!


Just a few months ago while in Intown’s storage unit, I found a box of matted photographs that included GORGEOUS shots of Downtown! It wasn’t until I was researching for the 1998 blog post did I find out their purpose! In October 1998 Intown Manchester hosted a photography contest for professionals and amateurs alike. The goal of the promotion was for photographers to take photographs of Downtown in the evening to show our city’s nighttime beauty! Below you’ll see three of the first place winners: Professional: Pat Desmarais, Amateur: Robert Edsall, Student: Grant Klene. Amazing shots!

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