Throwback Thursday Mar-17-2016

As I was scrolling through the Manchester Historic Association’s archive, one picture caught my eye.
The picture?

A giant, blue pig.

Said pig.

Said pig.

Pretty eye-catching, right?

So with a little investigating, I found out some pretty interesting information about this structure. According to a tiny news blurb in The Southeast Missourians November 20, 1972 issue (even Missouri thought this was cool!), the pig was “28 feet in height and 100 feet in circumference. It [was] painted bright blue with pink flowers on the sides, and…built around a trailer.” As I continued to read on I learned “the piggy is a temporary facility of a local bank while they are remodeling. It has four bank teller stations inside, and two drive up stations outside.” With a few more clicks, I found out the bank was a branch of the now-closed Manchester Bank. According to the Manchester Historic Association, it was built around Labor Day in 1972.

How’s that for an actual  piggy bank!?

All images courtesy of The Manchester Historic Association.

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