Throwback Thursday Mar-17-2016

As I was scrolling through the Manchester Historic Association’s archive, one picture caught my eye.
The picture?

A giant, blue pig.

Said pig.

Said pig.

Pretty eye-catching, right?

So with a little investigating, I found out some pretty interesting information about this structure. According to a tiny news blurb in The Southeast Missourians November 20, 1972 issue (even Missouri thought this was cool!), the pig was “28 feet in height and 100 feet in circumference. It [was] painted bright blue with pink flowers on the sides, and…built around a trailer.” As I continued to read on I learned “the piggy is a temporary facility of a local bank while they are remodeling. It has four bank teller stations inside, and two drive up stations outside.” With a few more clicks, I found out the bank was a branch of the now-closed Manchester Bank. According to the Manchester Historic Association, it was built around Labor Day in 1972.

How’s that for an actual ¬†piggy bank!?

All images courtesy of The Manchester Historic Association.

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