#foodiefriday Feb-26-2016

Hello Manchester! Last #foodiefriday I posted I was just about to leave for my trip to Iceland and highlighted some Icelandic cuisine I was DYING to try! Well, I’m back and what a trip it was! I’d be happy to bore you with photos of our excursions some other time, but today it’s all about FOOD.

In the post from the 12th I highlighted three things I wanted to try: Skyr, Icelandic Hot Dogs, and fermented shark. I tried two out of three, Skyr and the hot dog. I surprisingly couldn’t find fermented shark on any menu the whole trip… too bad. One regret from the trip was that we didn’t get to try puffin, whale, or an Icelandic specialty, dried fish. There’s always next time!

SkyrSkyr, as I explained, has the consistency of yogurt, but is technically a soft cheese. I tried quite a few variations while in Iceland including: vanilla, blueberry, and strawberry as well as a dessert made with it! I could live off this stuff. It is available at some Whole Foods in the area; a trip I am so willing to take to stock up! PS: There is a brand of butter in Iceland named Smjor which is also available at Whole Foods. TRY IT.


ChipsNow, for one of the best #foodiehighlights of the trip: the Icelandic Hot Dog. I was particularly hangry one day as we were walking in Downtown Reykjavik. We stopped at Reykjavik Chips–a restaurant that served cones of french fries with your choice of sauce. We decided to try the chive sauce which was creamy, with a little tang of mayo and a ton of chives. They give you bamboo skewers to pick the fries up with–genius! Hot DogWe asked them where we could find a hot dog and luckily for my friends (sorry for the hanger guys!) it was right around the corner. We walked into a TINY convenience store of types and ordered three dogs with the works and three cokes (served in glass bottles of course!). I couldn’t tell you what was on the dogs, but they were incredible.

One last thing about the Icelandic cuisine I have to say… the lamb there is absolutely out of this world. We had it every way we could: meatballs, roasted, in a stew. Unreal. The seafood was delicious and SO fresh! Also, the beer in Iceland is SO good. My favorite was Einstok Icelandic White Ale. If anyone can figure out how to get it distributed here in NH, let me know 🙂

Okay, that’s enough to bore you for one day. One piece of Downtown foodie news! If you’re looking for some lunch plans this Sunday, Rosa and the XOonElm team will be hosting a charity luncheon at their gorgeous function room from 1:00pm-4:00pm for Goffstown Harvest Christian Church’s upcoming mission trip to Africa! A minimum $10 donation will get you a 5-course Italian lunch buffet and live music and entertainment! Can’t make it to the event? Any donation is greatly appreciated! For more information, please contact XO Bistro!


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