#foodiefriday Feb-12-2016

Happy Friday! What a week! I’ve totally enjoyed all the hoopla Downtown, have you?

Now, back to FOOD. So, this Sunday I’ll be hopping on an airplane to…ICELAND! I am so excited for the amazing landscapes, hikes, and adventures in store for us on our trip. One thing I am a little more intrigued about is the Icelandic cuisine. Anytime I go on a trip somewhere new, you’ll find me at all hours of the night researching everything you can imagine, but mostly food (big surprise, right?). When it comes to Nordic cuisine, I had a few ideas in mind of what to expect on my trip, but after some research I was a little surprised at some of the delicacies.

I found this awesome article “An Intro to Icelandic Food” on seriouseats.com that gave me a brilliant crash course on Icelandic cusine! My takeaways:

Until then, Trixie will take the reins for #foodiefriday on the 19th! Enjoy this week’s pictures and I’ll catch you on the 26th! I also hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! If you’re looking for a last minute gift, see our gift guide here and for date night ideas click here!




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