#foodiefriday Dec-18-2015

With the next two Fridays being Christmas and New Year’s Day, I’m sad to say that this will be the last #foodiefriday post of 2015! And what a year it was! It’s hard to pick my favorite #foodiefriday post from 2015, but I think I’ve narrowed in down to my top five.

One of my favorites has to be a preview of some new restaurants in Downtown from August.Or Trixie and I judging the NHIA Battle of the Chefs in February. How could I forget National Hamburger Day in May!? Or our fun post about 815, Manchester’s speakeasy! Last, but not least, my favorite post about what Manchester’s signature food dish could be. My bet is on chicken tenders. What about you?

What was your favorite #foodiefriday post!? You can view the entire stomach-growling-inducing archives here.

Again, thanks for reading and we’ll have the next #foodiefriday post served up on January 8th!


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