Guest Post: #foodiefriday Nov-20-2015

This is a guest post from our friends at dealici, a new unique app that connects you with local restaurants who are offering discounts for your flexibility.

We’re food-lovers at heart, but we think food is about more than taste.

It’s about the experience.

It’s about gathering with your favorite people and sharing something together; something we all understand at a basic level.

When we began building dealici, our number one goal was to save people money on their daily meals, so they can eat out more often. We want more people to go out together and enjoy the fantastic restaurant scene we have all over this country. Even in places that aren’t known for their cuisine, we find some of the best restaurants in the world.

When it came time to sign up restaurants for our app, it was imperative that our first partners offer incredible food. And, of course, they have to offer ambiance. Whether they created a lively party scene or a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, every restaurant in dealici offers that experience.

Here are two of our favorites.

Murphy’s Tap Room

Murphys3You can’t call yourself a “tap room” unless you have plenty of been on tap. Murphy’s delivers…

Murphy’s is a traditional Irish pub, complete an extensive drink selection, and live entertainment.Murphys1

Unlike most bars, Murphy’s offers a complete restaurant menu: appetizers, pizza, entrees, soups, burgers, sandwiches, and desserts. Everything is reasonably priced, too


XOonElm1XO on ELM is one of those great first-date spots. It’s classy, without being stuffy; elegant, without being dainty. When you sit down, you can’t help but think about how much time someone spent on the décor.


Anyone you take is sure to find something they like. XO on ELM is well-known for their willingness to customize any dish. They’ll even make you a meal off the menu. Their menu is vegan- and vegetarian-friendly.

You can find both of these excellent restaurants on our app, dealici. Dealici is simple to use and offers generous discounts. It sets you up with restaurants in the area who are willing to offer a deal if you dine at an off-peak time. So instead of eating lunch at noon, you could purchase a 30% off coupon that’s valid at 2 PM. (Plus we have a clever point system that rewards you for referring friends. Points can be used to buy more deals).


Exclusive offer for our readers. Use promo code INTOWN during checkout and get additional $3 off on your first purchase using secure checkout (expires 11/30).

Download now from Apple App Store!



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