#foodiefriday Nov-13-2015

This past Sunday I was lucky enough to go to the Patriots Game at Gillette. Our seats were five rows back from the end-zone and absolutely AMAZING! After the game, in an attempt to wait out the traffic (it didn’t work), we headed to a pizza restaurant in Patriots Place. We decided on–get this–a CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD PIZZA. It was a white pizza with tomatoes, garlic, and chicken and on top was a dressed Caesar salad. It was unreal.

egg pizzaWhile it was the first time ever having a salad on top of my pizza, the BEST pizza I’ve ever eaten was in Rome. It was a margarita with slices of fresh ham and get this, an egg on top. I’ve since learned that is a fairly traditional European flair to pizza, but at 15 it was so weird! I’ve written about my love of taking pictures of my meals in #foodiefriday before and I’ve shared some great tips on how to photograph your food, so you better believe there’s a picture of this pizza! I have to admit, this picture was taken by my sister Abigail one of the biggest foodies (and best cooks!) I know! Our love of food is clearly genetic!

What’s the craziest/best pizza or pizza topping you’ve ever had?




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