Throwback Thursday Oct-15-2015

Coincidences are funny little things… As part of our spooky Throwback Thursdays for the month of October, I had been researching hauntings in the Millyard. My search yielded some results (see here), but none could be backed up with any concrete evidence…

I then came across an article I had read a few weeks ago about a terrible accident that resulted in three deaths in the Millyard. While giving the article another quick look, I noticed it occurred 124 years before. To. The. Exact. Date. Creepy!

The article:

The most disastrous accident that has ever occurred in the long career of manufacturing at the Amoskeag Mills took place about 9.30 o’clock A. M., Thursday, October 15, 1891, when the cast-iron fly-wheel of a pair of large 36 inch double Corliss engines, together indicating two thousand horse power, burst, killing the engineer, Samuel J. Bunker, and two women, Mrs. Ada L. Cram and Miss Mary Kane, while several other persons were quite severely injured. The fly-wheel was thirty feet in diameter, weighed 68 tons, and furnished power through three belts for Mills Nos. 4, 5, 7 and 8.

The damage created by this explosion was hefty. When reading this article I didn’t fully grasp the full effect of the explosion. Above you see an image of a fly-wheel. This was the rebuild of the exact wheel that had exploded. Next to the wheel you can see a man standing beside it illustrating the sheer size of it. Pictured below are two images of the mill building itself after the explosion…completely devastated.

Explosion 1 Explosion 2



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