Throwback Thursday Oct-8-2015

Last week we kicked off our Halloween-themed Throwback Thursday with a look at the Valley Cemetery. Through our research we learned of an apparent haunting of the grounds…

While I’d love to prove or disprove this suspected haunting, I’m just here to report what we’ve read and heard. You can make your own conclusions…

In my research of the Valley Street Cemetery the same story popped up over and over. Is the cemetery haunted? It sure sounds like it!

The Haunting

Smyth MausoleumValley Cemetery has been a frequent haunt (pun fully intended) for local ghost hunters. Apparently a spirit of a woman haunts the outside of the Smyth Mausoleum.

With days of research I did find information about a woman who was murdered in the cemetery in 1992. I’m not going to publish details of her murder, but it corroborates the stories of many of these ghost hunters.

One blogger explored the Valley Cemetery in August of 2009 and had some pretty spooky experiences.

They write of a mysterious “metallic clang” from inside the Smyth Mausoleum and a cold, brief gust of wind on a hot August day while climbing the steps of the mausoleum. Pretty spooky stuff. Read more here.

Another group of ghost hunters has visited the spot for a decade and report “repeatable evidence” of vast temperature changes and “intelligent responses” from the spirit. Read more about that here.

These reports of this apparent haunting have made me very curious. I’d love to explore the grounds and see what happens!

If you do wish to visit the Valley Cemetery, please be respectful and visit during the designated hours between Sunrise to Sunset everyday.


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