#foodiefriday Sept-11-2015

Good morning, Manchester! This is Trixie, bringing you the latest foodie Friday pics.

This past week Julia and I attended a MYPN event at 815. We frequent here pretty regularly, their crafted drinks and cheese boards are always a great treat at the end of a long week. However, this week we were lucky enough to witness the guys in action and learn what really makes a specialty cocktail.

  1. Fresh ingredients. You may not think it, but the difference between using Tropicana vs. fresh squeezed orange juice is going to play a huge role in your final product. That’s why 815 uses fresh juices made every morning.
  2. Strike a balance. Is the spirit you’re using naturally sweet, or sour, or smoky? Learn what flavor profile you like and build from there by using ingredients that will compliment that flavor.
  3. Use proper tools. You don’t want to serve a martini in a highball glass, and a quarter ounce more or less of any one element can ruin your whole drink. Investing in a good set of tools will really boost your bar tending game.

Of course, if you don’t have the time or energy to put into making a killer cocktail, the folks at 815 will be happy to do it for you!


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