Guest Blog: Halfway to Mardi Gras!

The term “Mardi Gras” conjures up images of lively jazz music, colorful beads, copious amounts of food…​…and, if you live in New England, snow, ice, and subzero temperatures.

Unlike warm and sunny New Orleans, Winter in New Hampshire isn’t the best time to celebrate Mardi Gras.  At the Franco-American Centre, we think that it’s a shame that the spicy Cajun culture is delegated only to that frigid day in February.  So that’s why we created Halfway to Mardi Gras – a celebration of everything Cajun without the cold!  This year, it’s taking place at N’Awlins Grille & All that J’Azz on Tuesday, August 11 from 6-10pm.  Mardi Gras

​Mardi Gras (translated as “Fat Tuesday”) was created in medieval Europe as one last day of partying and feasting before Lent, a time when Catholics pray and fast.  It was also called Boeuf Gras (“Fatted Calf”), since Lent was a time when the faithful gave up meat.  Early parades in New Orleans involved a bull’s head being paraded through the streets!

​When the French came over to the Americas, they brought the holiday with them.  New Orleans became a headquarters for Mardi Gras, with balls, a Mardi Gras king, and elaborate parades.  The area’s obsession with Mardi Gras led to it being declared a state holiday.

​Our Halfway to Mardi Gras celebration will not feature any meat parades, but it’ll have all of the New Orleans flair!  Our $10 wristband gives access to half-off great Cajun appetizers, $5 Hurricane and frozen drinks, and 25% off all other drinks.  To add to the atmosphere, a live jazz band will be playing and free beads are provided to all.  We’ll have New Orleans trivia and raffles of gift cards from local restaurants – and a special raffle for a week’s stay in New Orleans!  And, in keeping with the New Orleans tradition, we will have our very own King and Queen of Mardi Gras!

Don’t miss out on this chance to have a little “joie de vivre” – in the summer where it belongs!

​Source for Mardi Gras history:

This guest blog was written by Emily Murphy, the creative writing intern at the Franco-American Centre here in Manchester, NH! Check out their Facebook page here!


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