#foodiefriday May-29-2015

Happy #foodiefriday! Not sure if you noticed, but yesterday was National Hamburger Day! I can honestly say that a big ol’ burger is among one of my favorite foods! One of the things I love so much about burgers is the ability to change the toppings—no matter the season; whether you BBQ it or not! I’ve had everything from a buffalo burger to a duck burger and every topping imaginable from an onion ring to mac and cheese, or braised short ribs.

I was away last weekend for the Memorial Day Holiday and took the role as ‘chef’ in the house I rented with some of my friends. Our first night I was in charge of the burgers. I decided to try something new and mixed a ranch dressing packet and mayonnaise in with the ground beef. While they were cooking I prepared tons of toppings including: lettuce, caramelized onions,  tomatoes, muenster cheese, American cheese, thick sliced bacon, avocado, and for the true foodies—a fried egg! As I was carrying my burger out of the kitchen to the patio, it must have weighed at least half a pound. CRAZY! As we all dug in, my friends declared that their burgers were among the best things they’ve ever eaten. I may have shed a #foodietear!

What’s your favorite way to eat a burger?!


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