Guest Blog: 5 Tips for Dining Out with Your Dog

By: Ron Dupont, Red Oak Apartment Homes

You love your pets and they are a very important part of your family.  You bring your dog with you on vacation, pamper them with treats and spa treatments and even dress them up.  You’re a dog person.  So it’s understandable that you want to bring them with you when you go out to grab a bite.  Here are some tips for dining out with your dog and some suggestions for places to bring them in the greater Manchester, NH area.

Bringing your four legged friend with you will be a great outing if you remember a few simple tips to make it enjoyable for you, for them and for the other patrons in the restaurant.

1. Feed them first:

Your pooch will be smelling all kinds of delicious things at the restaurant and you don’t want to confuse or annoy them.  If they arrive with a full belly they will be more content.

2. Wear them Out:

If your dog is full of energy when they arrive at your destination they will most likely do a lot of whining, prancing and barking.  Avoid this by taking a walk or run before you get to the restaurant.  Make a pit stop at the park so that your dog can relieve themselves too. Check out this list of dog-friendly parks and trails right here in Manchester!

 3. Bring Distractions:

We like to bring a travel bowl with us and fill it with water for our dog when we arrive at the restaurant.  A chew toy or treat helps to ensure good behavior too.

4. Know Your Dogs Tolerance Levels:

Make sure your dog is well trained and will respond to commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “come” or “down.”  This will help keep your dog calm and in control.  Always have your dog on a leash.  It will allow you to protect them if something startles them and you have to pull them out of harm’s way.  This may also help to make other patrons feel comfortable too.

5. Pick a Dog Friendly Establishment:

There are many restaurants that are dog friendly.  Picking one in the greater Manchester area is possible. View ten dog friendly restaurants in Downtown Manchester here!


About the Author:

Ron Red OakRon Dupont is the Owner of Red Oak Apartment Homes, 289 Pine Street, Manchester, NH. He loves your pets and offers pet friendly apartment living in Manchester, Milford, Derry, Hooksett, Merrimack, Boscawen and Laconia New Hampshire.


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