#foodiefriday Apr-24-2015

We walked up to the door with the bold face numbers overhead; it was unlocked! We climbed up the stairs wondering…”is this it?” At the top there was nothing but a brick wall and a phone booth washed in red light. We exchanged glances and got a jolt of excitement, as we picked up the phone. First a dial tone, then “say the magic words.” As one of us recited a part of a classic nursery song, the rest of us giggled–“this is SO cool!” The wall slid open, and we were granted access. “This place DOES exist,” we exclaimed excitedly to each other. We sat on lush leather chairs and an extensive list of cocktails and spreads was placed on the trunk that rested between us. Every drink and bite was creatively delicious and we were hooked.

If you can find it, you will enjoy it. We’re so glad we did.



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