Throwback Thursday Feb-26-2015

Big K Boss 30

Back in August I found this great list which provided a really neat look into Manchester’s musical tastes from 43 years ago (almost exactly to this week)! This list, titled “Big K Boss 30” featured some great bands from the 70s, that made me want to re-visit this decade of music that had plenty of variety.

Listed in the top thirty from the week of February 20, 1972 were acts like Cher, Carpenters, Rod Stewart, Yes, The Kinks and the Mamas & Papas. What was your favorite band from the 1970s?

Below you’ll find YouTube videos of the top three songs from this week in history! Enjoy!

Thanks to the Manchester Historic Association for allowing me to explore their archives!

Song #3: Rock and Roll Lullabye by B.J. Thomas

Song #2: Without You by Nilsson

Song #1: Heart of Gold by Neil Young


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