Small Business Saturday!


Happy Monday, guys! My name is Trixie, and I’m the new Office Coordinator here at Intown Manchester. You can read a little more about me here, or get in contact with me, or anyone else from the Intown Manch Crew here. I’ll be here to answer all your questions, or direct you to the person who can. In the meantime, I’m here to help with the annual issue we all struggle with. Let’s talk Christmas Shopping!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and with it, the kick-off to all holiday shopping: Black Friday. Can we just take a moment to reflect on how ominous that sounds? When I think of preparing to shop on Black Friday, I picture myself tying my hair back tight, wearing no loose clothing, and practicing my elbow throwing. Yes, that may sound a little intense, but Black Friday turns shopping into a competitive sport, and competition doesn’t always bring out the best in people.

So how can we avoid the under-rested holiday bargain hunters? Simple! Get yourself involved in the Shop Small movement!

Saturday Nov. 29th is Small Business Saturday, and there are plenty of small businesses downtown that have special discounts just for you! We put together this nifty list of deals and steals in the downtown area. Check it out here! So, instead of plowing down rabid shoppers in a big department store, spend your Friday morning sleeping off that second plate of turkey… and that second glass of wine.


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