Throwback Thursday Oct-30-2014

While thinking of topics for our last Halloween-themed #TBT for the month of October I realized Mancunians sure love dressing up. So much so, on Saturday we hosted our 3rd Annual Zombie Walk throughout downtown with our biggest group EVER! The Manchester Historic Association’s archives backed me up and produced two great shots of Halloween from Manchester’s past. Halloween seems like it was soo much creepier in the 1950s. Look at those masks! I remember growing up we had a trunk full of old costumes for dressing up and in it were two masks from the early 60s… JFK and Nixon. These weren’t your realistic masks of today, but vague, creepy ones that my sisters and I would throw on to scare the neighborhood kids. Good times. What is your go-to mask for scaring others!? Come on… I know you have one!

ND - Halloween Party1958 Trick or Treaters at Naum's Fruit Store


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