Throwback Thursday 10-23-2014

Well documented in the suspected ‘hauntings’ of Manchester is that of the Palace Theatre. So much so, the popular television show ‘Ghost Hunters’ trecked to the Queen City to see if for themselves… musings on the internet state that the Palace was deemed ‘not haunted,’  but it still remains a hot-spot for ghost hunters (see video below).

History of the Palace:

The Palace was built 100 years ago in 1914 as a cousin of the Palace Theatre in New York City. “From 1915 until 1930 the Palace Theatre was in its prime. Touring vaudeville companies regularly stopped at the Palace where performers such as Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope, Harry Houdini, The Marx Brothers, and Red Skelton entertained audiences.” By 1930, the Palace changed with the times and became a movie house until the 1960s. “By the late 1960’s the Palace Theatre no longer had any connection to its artistic beginnings. It was now being used as classroom space for New Hampshire College.” In 1974, the Palace was on the road back to its former glory. Opening as a theater yet again on November 2, 1974. “Since that time the Palace Theatre has withstood fire and flood. In December of 1980, a pipe burst sending 70,000 gallons of water pouring down the balcony, over the rail, and into the theatre. In 1984, a fire on Hanover Street ravaged much of the block. The firewall of the Palace Theatre was credited for halting the blaze and saving the rest of the structures.” It is rumored a woman died in the fire, who now haunts the theater…

Source: The Palace Theatre

The Haunting:

The web-series “Hunting the Haunted” also made a trip to the Palace Theatre in May of 2014. While discussing the theater with an employee quite a few different spirits were talked about!

  • Mary is always dressed in white and is arguably the most visable of the spirits at the Palace. Patrons and employees alike have seen her backstage.
  • Lathious is affectionately called, by the Palace staff, the “mischief maker.”He often messes with lighting and electrical.
  • Darker spirits exist in the boiler room–one of the creepiest spots to ghost hunt in the building.

Ghost Hunters Investigate:

While the episode from Ghost Hunters is unavailable online, see a more recent exploration below!



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