#foodiefriday Aug-29-2014

After Family Fest this past Saturday, the Intown staff went to lunch at Athens Restaurant. While we were there we got to thinking about hidden restaurant gems downtown. We all then started listing our favorites. They included: Athens Restaurant. Tiya’s Thai, Mangia, El Rincon, Consuelos, B&B, Waterworks Cafe, The Way We Cook and Steve’s House Restaurant. This conversation could have gone on forever! There are so many spots downtown that offer such variety, but don’t necessarily pop into your mind immediately when you think of downtown dining.

I love how hidden gems can be different for everyone too which makes it such an interesting topic (for my foodie-self at least!). Depending on where you work or live, your tastes, and if you’re willing to walk or drive–your idea of a hidden gem could be so different from someone else’s!

So… this leads me to this week’s (loaded like a baked potato) #foodiefriday question: What is your definition of a hidden restaurant gem and what is your favorite hidden gem downtown?



4 thoughts on “#foodiefriday Aug-29-2014

  1. Nice job on the Hidden Gems. So many to choose from! Have you been to the Indian restaurant or to Jane Beaulieu’s new place, across from the old Police station? Just womndering. . .

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