Throwback Thursday Aug-7-2014

Big K Boss 30

 A few months ago, I posted about “WKBR Top 30 Tunes of Manchester” from the week of October 12, 1958 which proved to be a really neat, musical look into Manchester’s past.

I recently found another list (see right), this time from the Week of February 20, 1972! This list, titled “Big K Boss 30” featured some great bands from the 70s, that made me want to re-visit this decade of music that had plenty of variety. Listed in the top thirty were bands like Cher, Carpenters, Rod Stewart, Yes, The Kinks and the Mamas & Papas. What was your favorite band from the 1970s?

Below you’ll find YouTube videos of the top three songs from this week in history! Enjoy!

Song #3: Rock and Roll Lullabye by B.J. Thomas

Song #2: Without You by Nilsson

Song #1: Heart of Gold by Neil Young


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