Throwback Thursday 7-3-2014

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, which marks the 238th anniversary of our nation’s independence! Not too long ago, in 1976, America celebrated its Bicentennial, the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Here’s a bit about the Bicentennial, courtesy of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum:

“[The Bicentennial] provided a much-needed respite from the bleak years of the Vietnam War, Watergate scandal, and the turbulent cultural upheavals of the previous decade. Patriotic festivals, celebrations, and other observances across the land marked this auspicious occasion during Gerald R. Ford’s presidency. The American Freedom Train and Operation Sail were among the largest. The American Revolution Bicentennial Commission appointed by the president, and each state’s own Bicentennial commission coordinated most of the events. President Ford stated in his official Bicentennial message that ‘for two centuries our Nation has grown, changed and flourished. A diverse people, drawn from all corners of the Earth, have joined together to fulfill the Promise of Democracy… The Bicentennial offers each of us the Opportunity to join with our fellow Citizens in honoring the Past and preparing for the Future in Communities across the Nation.'”

Manchester, of course, joined the festivities with a parade of its own! Check out this slideshow of photos from Manchester’s United States Bicentennial Parade in 1976!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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