Throwback Thursday – June-19-2014

It’s finally here–the opening day for the Manchester Farmers Market! It will open at 3:00pm and run until 6:30pm every Thursday afternoon until October!

One of the gems of TD Bank Summer Fest, the Manchester Farmers Market ” is a unique and exciting community event.  Every Thursday, from June through October, over 25 vendors bring the very best New Hampshire produce, meat, cut flowers, baked goods, specialty foods, certified organic products, and other unique products to the heart of Manchester.” Even after working in Manchester for years, I never quite made it to the Farmers Market…shame on me! I am excited to check it out later today and stock up on delicious and local goods!

Market View 1Check out these neat throwbacks to market days of Manchester’s past I found in the Manchester Historic Association’s archives! Taken in 1918, these pictures show “The Public Market on Concord Common, also known as Victory Park.” Market View 2The first Throwback Thursday post I ever did was also about the Farmers Market! It definitely didn’t go back nearly 100 years, but it also was a great snapshot of a wonderful community event. See that post here.


 I hope you’ll be able to get out and visit the market this summer!





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