Throwback Thursday – June-12-2014

If you look at the Manchester City Seal you’ll see along the bottom, “Incorporated June 1846.”  While looking at this seal I thought, 1846? Manchester had to have existed before then! With some more research I learned  that 1846 refers to when Manchester officially became a city, Manchester as a town was incorporated in 1751. And Manchester existed as a settlement was in the early 18th century. Phew! I hope you enjoy a quick little history of our city’s incorporation below!

City Seal

Daniel Clark168 years ago this week, “on June 9, 1846, Daniel Clark (pictured right) of Manchester presented a petition to the New Hampshire State Legislature for a city charter. On June 30, 1846 an act was passed which established the City of Manchester.

Manchester was now to elect a mayor to represent their new city which was worth $3,187,726 and had a population of 10,125. Hiram BrownThe first mayoral election was held on August 19, 1846 and was a four man race. “There was no clear choice. Therefore, a second election for mayor occured on September 1, 1846. The candidates were Hiram Brown, Whig; Issac C. Flanders, Democrat; and Thomas Brown, Abolition. Hiram Brown was duly elected as the first Mayor of Manchester (see image left).

Since Mayor Brown’s election in 1846, Manchester has had 55 mayors! A fun fact for you…”Mayor Edward C. Smith was the son and grandson of Manchester mayors. His father was Isaac W. Smith and his grandfather was Hiram Brown, the city’s first mayor.


Special thank you to the Manchester Historic Association and the City of Manchester Municipal Archives and Records Center!


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